Informe 2020


About this Report

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For the tenth consecutive year, we present our Sustainability Report. As in previous years, this includes the main results in each of our work areas, reported under the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology, especially those indicated in the supplement for NGOs , therefore explaining the work carried out in the economic and social aspects


Was born in Manizales and for several years its programs and projects were limited to this city in the urban area.


The Luker Foundation expanded its social, educational and entrepreneurial interventions in other areas of the country where CasaLuker is present, specifically in Necoclí, Urabá region of Antioquia, northwestern Colombia.


In compliance with the cooperation agreement between the Luker Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development – USAID Colombia, the project called The Cacao Effect (El Efecto Cacao) is implemented in four subregions: Urabá, Bajo Cauca, Central-South of Huila and Tumaco, with the aim of strengthening the cocoa production chain and helping to improve the living conditions of producers and their communities, thus providing legal livelihood opportunities..