2020 report


In 2020, the Luker Foundation supported the social work of 12 institutions in Manizales and was part of four partnerships that work in early childhood, the elder, health and housing.

The main programs supported by the Luker Foundation are listed within the special projects.

It is an alliance for life that seeks to control low birth weight and chronic malnutrition in vulnerable children, through a comprehensive intervention model ranging from pregnancy to two years of age.

– Within the framework of the 17th Prize for Child Nutrition, the Pineda Marín family, from the Gestar Futuro program, was a finalist in the “Family” category.

– Participation in the World Breastfeeding Week, with a successful breastfeeding experience of a family from the program.

– 100 pregnant infants participated in the virtual breastfeeding promoted by the office of the First Lady of the Republic, María Juliana Ruiz, to promote breastfeeding as a right of children against chronic malnutrition.

Me Cuido Activo is a model of community care with an active and healthy aging approach that seeks to strengthen capacities in older people and their caregivers, in addition to promoting a higher quality aging process. The model is based on the strengthening of habits and healthy lifestyles, the promotion of resilience, care and self-care, the promotion of memory and cognition, and training in conflict resolution.

Despite the challenges of virtuality, the program managed to reach a population with little or no prior access to technology.

The reception of Me Cuido Activo as a model of care for the elderly by the Presidency of the Republic and its transfer to organizations such as the Argos Foundation, the Pastoral Social and the Secretary of Social Integration of Bogotá, allowed the model to scale throughout the country and impact a greater number of older people.

The development of the second Ibero-American meeting on active aging

with speakers from four countries, strengthened the commitment to make Manizales a city that is friendly to older adults (recognition of the World Health Organization).

Nine institutions are allied in the initiative of friendly cities with the elderly.

It is about promoting the strengthening of social and community processes with an integral approach in one of the most vulnerable areas of Manizales, with the purpose of improving the living conditions of its inhabitants and generating capacities that allow them to promote their own development.

with the Mayor’s Office of Manizales, the Catholic University of Manizales, Betania Social Work, the Bolívar Davivienda Foundation and the Luker Foundation.