Management Letter

For all mankind, 2020 was a year of great challenges and uncertainty. We are faced with something totally unknown. In the first months of this pandemic, everyone experienced unexpected situations and moments: lockdown, slowing down of the economy, unemployment, contraction of expenditure, postponement of decisions, sick friends, collapsed hospitals, uncertainty and fear. Our personal and work life changed and little by little we began to adapt to the new reality. The mail, WhatsApp, cell phone, Zoom, Teams and Google Meet became our main work tools; our house became an office.

Little by little we recovered the rhythm of our projects. We realized that apart from our traditional projects, the city required our urgent support to cover many of the needs, prioritizing four of them: virtual education, support for health institutions, food for the most vulnerable and economic reactivation of businesses.

We have the decided support of the Board of Directors in a contingency plan, and also of the founding family, who again as on so many other occasions, were present demonstrating all their generosity and greatness.

We ran a historic budget! Everything that for many seemed impossible, we made it possible. We invested resources with agility and effectiveness, always being accompanied by our allies and in permanent concertation with the municipal authorities. Incredibly, in 2020 we were able to be closer to our beneficiaries: teachers, students and entrepreneurs, but also, our collaborators were more united than ever, demonstrating once again that our greatest wealth is the great human potential that we have. The result: we made 2020 a less difficult year for many people in Manizales. We realized that it was possible to move on.

As you can find in detail in this management report, we ended 2020 with very good results. We socially invest $29,441 million COP, (13.979 million own resources and 15,462 million allied resources), with high degrees of reliability in the quality of the investment, almost six times more than the investment in 2013.

The traditional projects and those related to COVID-19 were fully executed and the expected achievements were fulfilled in a very satisfactory percentage; working in partnership shows us once again that it is the most winning strategy.

Let this be the opportunity to thank all our allies and collaborators, who make our work possible and reiterate once again the determined commitment that we have from the Luker Foundation to continue transforming the lives of the communities we serve, always thinking about the general good, and in the best for Manizales and for our country.

Thank you for believing and trusting. Happy 2021.


Pablo Jaramillo Villegas